1. Grant: #IIS-1736087 Investigators: Sharma, Rajnikant 01-01-2017 -08-31-2018 National Science Foundation Cooperative Autonomous Vehicle Routing Under Resource and Localization Constraints Role: PI $215,523.00 Awarded Level: Federal

  2. Grant: #200323-426 / FA8651-16-1-0001 Investigators: Sharma, Rajnikant 05-01-2017 -12-31-2017 Department of the Air Force Real-time Cooperative Navigation Using Relative Sensing Under Communication and Sensing Constraints Role: PI $41,621.00 Level: Federal

  3. Grant: #140343-418 / CNS-1410000 Investigators: Sharma, Rajnikant 06-01-2018 -05-31-2019 National Sci- ence Foundation TWC: Medium: Secure and Resilient Vehicular Platooning Role: PI $41,621.00 Active Level: Federal

  4. Grant: #FA8651-18-1-0005 Investigators: Sharma, Rajnikant 08-29-2018 -12-02-2020 Air Force Research Laboratory Real-time Cooperative Navigation using Relative Localization under Communication and Sensing Constraints Role: PI $120,000.00 Awarded Level: Federal

  5. Grant: #WSARC OFRN Round 3 Subcontract / OSU 60064366 Investigators: Cohen, Kelly; Kumar, Manish; Ma, Jiaqi; Sharma, Rajnikant 09-01-2018 -03-31-2020 Ohio Department of Higher Education Regional Unmanned Traffic Management System (RUTMS) Role: Collaborator $596,927.34 Awarded Level: State of Ohio

  6. Grant: #DTRA19-P01 / HDTRA119P0023 Investigators: Sharma, Rajnikant 02-14-2019 -09-13-2019 Defense Threat Reduction Agency Cooperative RF-Trail Based C3 Environment Navigation System Role: PI $45,000.00 Awarded Level: Federal

  7. Grant: #N00014-19-1-2486 Investigators: Khare, Prashant; Maynard, Kathie; Sharma, Rajnikant 06-21-2019 -06-08-2022 Office of Naval Research Minor Certificate Program in Computational Naval Sciences to Enable Naval STEM Careers Role: Collaborator $253,159.00 Awarded Level: Federal-Active

  8. Grant: #34889 Investigators: Kim, Donghoon; Nazzal, Munir; Sharma, Rajnikant 09-08-2020 -09-08-2022 Federal Highway Administration Shoulder Drop-off/Mounding Severity Determination Role: Collaborator $174,091.84 Awarded Level: Federal-Active

  9. Grant: # AFX20D-TCS01, PROPOSAL #: FX20D-TCSO1-0177: Title: Vehicle Routing and Localization Infrastructure Placement in GPS-denied Areas (Industry Partner: Utopia Compressions, CA)-Status: $42,000-Active

  10. Grant: # AFX20D-TCS0, PROPOSAL #: FX20D-TCSO1-0457: Title: GPS-denied Orbs with Bandwidth Limited Navigation Solutions (GOBLINS) (Industry Partner: Opto-Knowledge Systems, CA), $45,000.- Active